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It's a unique system that combines all accessories, maintenance work and repairs for all firearms and general purchases all on one screen, yet you can easily separate any group of items or category to get a report on any firearm or any type of accessory, maintenance or repair work done.


01. From the pull-down menu select ACCESSORIES, MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS, or PARTS (PRO only).


02. From the pull-down menu select a firearm if this relates directly with a firearm, or hit your <Backspace> to enter a name of an accessory that's general for all firearms - such as "PORTABLE GUN SAFE" or "CLEANING KIT", etc. If you select a firearm name it's serial number and purchased price will appear on the screen along with an image of that firearm (if you have one from the FIREARMS RECORDS.


03. Enter the date of this entry.


04. You can enter a photo of the accessory if desired. If a firearm photo was here, you can override it. Click on the photo and you can add two additional photos.


05. Enter a description of the entry.


06. IN THE PRO VERSION ONLY you can assign an icon to represent a part or accessory that's related to any particular firearm. For example, you may have a "spider" icon relate to all S&W M&P shield 9MM parts and accessories. Then clicking on 'FIND ICON' will quickly find and display those related files. You can also have the same icon as a thumbnail on that firearm in FIREARM RECORDS. Then clicking on that thumbnail will bring you to ACCESSORIES RECORDS and will find and display the related files.

07. You can LOCK or UNLOCK a record.


08. In several of the fields you can do MULTIPLE-CHOICE FINDS. Fill out all or any of the search fields to get your multiple-choice results.

09. Click for monetary consideration, either USD ($) or "as entered".


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