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It's a unique system that combines all accessories, maintenance work and repairs for all firearms and general purchases all on one screen, yet you can easily separate any group of items or category to get a report on any firearm or any type of accessory, maintenance or repair work done.


01. "FIND" is to execute your MULTIPLE FIND requests. You can look for certain firearms within a certain date range bought from a certain dealer, etc. It's an excellent feature that has many benefits.


02. If this entry is associated with a firearm it will flag it here.


03. Enter the requested information.


04. Enter the cost of one of your purchases. Then enter the quantity you bought. You will get the TOTAL COST. If it was for maintenance or repairs then just enter "1" in the UNITS field.


05. Any remarks or notes you wish to enter.


06. Click for a summary of a firearm's total expenses.

07. If item has been sold or simply no longer in your inventory, click here for options. You can simply mark it as "OUT" or you can mark it and zero out the cost.

08. IN THE PRO VERSION ONLY you have IMAGE DOCS that can store two separate  IMAGES for receipts, work orders, etc. Inserting PDFs are not available here. Clicking on an image that was inserted will bring you to a screen for a larger view.

09. You can print accessory records (more options with the PRO version).


10. IN THE PRO VERSION ONLY you can select an icon to find in the ACCESSORIES RECORDS.

11. IN THE PRO VERSION ONLY you can click for monetary consideration, either USD ($) or "as entered".



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