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FIREARM RECORDS is the logical starting point of this database. This RIGHT SIDE of the screen is mostly just an image of the firearm and PDF files. Please read the above notes about image sizes.


01. Here sits the firearm image. Click the "INSERT IMAGE" button to locate and insert an image from your computer, or you "PASTE IMAGE" from your clipboard.  Most file types are accepted. At any time you can change to a better image of this firearm and that new image will be reflected on all screens that have used it - regardless of how long ago.


NOTE: There is no real size limit for images, but large images can slow the database down as your records grow. This program will resize any image you import to help avoid that problem.'re welcome.


02. PRO VERSION ONLY. If you have built up a shooting history with this firearm, clicking on "H" will bring you to the HISTORY screen and display all target and hunting images ever recorded with this firearm. Clicking the 'R' will display all RANGE RECORDS with this firearm. An excellent way to examine progress.


03. Displays here (and elsewhere) the last recorded shooting with this firearm.


04. Go to that RANGE RECORD.


05. This will take you to the ACCESSORIES & MAINTENANCE records, and gives you the option of just viewing records associated with this firearm.


06. You can rate this firearm from 1 - 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Helpful for quick searches of firearms you may want to sell or otherwise note.


07. ICONS has it's own help screen.


08. Clicking here will either display NOTES or RANGE RECORDS summary.




Firearms Right Side
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