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FIREARM RECORDS is the logical starting point of this database.


This section was created for the serious collector or detail minded individual. This is a major expansion of the 4 general custom input fields offered under the 'HOME' tab.


Sometimes some features or specs you wish to record are not available on this or other databases. So here you are offered to create 20 input fields of your choosing. Give each input field a name that will be used for all firearm records, such as "YEAR MANUFACTURED" or "COUNTRY OF ORIGIN", etc.  Again, the names you give will be universal on all firearm records.


Once you give a name to an input field click on the LOCK button next to the name to avoid accidental changes. After you give a name you can enter data for that firearm in the field to the right of it.


The first 13 custom input fields are for standard single line entries. An 'Auto-complete of existing values' will be created after every entry for easier repetitive future entries.


The next 5 custom input fields are for selectable choices. Simply choose 'EDIT' and make your own selectable list for each of the 5 fields.


The last two are paragraph entries of your choosing.


Once an input field is defined a F/S (Find/Sort) button appears allowing to find or sort all occurrences of that input.




Firearm Collector
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