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This is a new feature for the all versions. Here you can add up to 15 extra images for your selected firearm. Start by clicking on the IMAGES tab.


01. You have up to 15 image conatiners available to you in the PRO version. You have 9 image containers in the other versions.


02. You can IMPORT or PASTE a new image into any of the six image containers. Once an image is imported or pasted you can click on that image container to enlarge it and, if desired, add notes.


03. Clicking on the 'I' (Insert) will set that image as the new main image for your firearm. It will be automatically updated in the RANGE RECORDS and elsewhere.


04. Clicking on 'C" will clear the image and any notes.


05. If you select a new image using the feature above, a small thumbnail of the previous image will appear at the bottom left of the main image. You can click on that image to revert back to the previous image, and again, the image will be automatically updated in the RANGE RECORDS and elsewhere.


Clicking on one of the 15 image containers will display a popover containing a larger image. You can also add notes here.


Firearms Extra Images
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