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This is a new feature for the PRO VERSION. Here you can select from over 144 icons. The main way of going to this screen is to go to the top menu and select VIEW > GO TO LAYOUT > FIREARMS ICONS.


You are shown two groups of icons. Larger ones at the top and smaller ones at the bottom.


01. The larger icons at the top is your active lists- what is available to you to select from in the screens that offer icon use. You can tab through groups 1 through 6. A total of 144 active icons are possible (24 are displayed at a time). Groups 1 through 5 are preloaded with our stock images. Group 6 is for your own custom icons.


02. The smaller bottom batch of icons are in holding. Most are already assigned to the active groups. Here you can select and replace existing active icons with new ones, load new icons from our stock list or elsewhere. Right-click on an icon or empty icon spot and select 'INSERT PICTURE'.


03. You can click-and-drag an icon from the bottom batch to anywhere in the active groups. You can right-click to copy an icon and the right-click again to paste it anywhere. You can do all this with either the top groups or the bottom batches. Note, however, that clicking-and-dragging has limited abilities. It will over-write what was there and duplicate itself. Clicking-and-dragging works best when dragging from the bottom batch to one of the top groups.


04. There are 24 blank icon holders at the bottom of ICON BATCH TWO. This is for your own custom icons.


Icons Screen
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