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After the FIREARMS RECORDS the AMMO DUMP should be next to fill out. It makes sense. Ammo should be treated like precious metals - expensive and sometimes hard to find. This screen will help you keep track of every single round. You can catalog every ammo box, know every caliber, it's grain and type, if it's DEFENSE, HUNTING or TARGET, how much you had and how much is left after a shoot, where you got it, how much did it cost, where it's stored and even if you sold or gave some away.


It takes a little time to catalog all boxes in the beginning, but after that it takes just a few minutes to enter new purchases. Doing things the way this database suggests will help you keep extremely accurate records of all your ammo and rounds fired for each firearm.


Click on the buttons above to see a close-up of each section.



Ammo Dump Full Screen
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