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01. From this pull-down menu you can make several choices, such as 'IMPORT IMAGE', 'PASTE IMAGE', 'CLEAR IMAGE/INFO', 'PRINT TARGET' etc. Many are explained later and several are only available in the PRO version.


NOTE: You can 'COPY IMAGE' for emailing or other purpose.


02.  From the pull-down menu select which firearm was used for this target or other image. If the firearm used is not on the list you can enter a new name and a new record for it will be created in the FIREARMS RECORDS and tagged as an ALIEN FIREARM (which is a firearm you don't currently own, but is either on loan to you or another person is shooting with you and it belongs to that person). You can change the status of that firearm or delete it when you visit your FIREARM RECORDS.


03. A picture of your selected firearm will appear here - giving you a visual for quicker reference when browsing the targets or other images. You can also click this image for additional options, such as go to it records in FIREARM RECORDS or view it's HISTORY records.


04. You can manually enter the caliber of the firearm used on this target or image and also enter the distance of the target. Clicking the 'H' next to each will allow you to view the HISTORY of the caliber or the HISTORY of shooting at that distance.


05. From the pull-down menu select a shooter for this target or image. If the shooter is not on the list (created in CONTACTS screen) then you can enter a new name and a record for that person will be created in the CONTACTS records and tagged as a regular range shooter. You can change the status of that shooter or delete it later when you visit your CONTACTS records.


06. Clicking on the "H" will bring you to the HISTORY screen. More on this later.


07. Clicking on the 'R' shows rounds fired for this firearm up to and including this date.


08. Clicking here will show or hide RANGE SCORE. This option is also in the pull-down 'OPTIONS'.


09. Clicking here will give you options for this range trip. You can give this trip a name - call it TARGET SHOOTING, HUNTING TRIP, RICK'S TARGET PRACTICE or any name you desire. The database will remember any name or event you enter for repeating it on any new dates. You can click on FIND to view what is selected on the left of that button - either TARGET SHOOTING or HUNTING TRIP or other name, to view all of those records. Or you can click on HISTORY to view the history of that selection. 


10. Clicking here will allow you to 'MARK' this image. More on this later.


11. Clicking on the 'L' will show a larger image in a popover. Also available on this popover is a button to show an even more heavily magnified version of this image or target.


12. Clicking on the image will take you to a screen showing all images larger.


13. You can enter notes about this target/image.


14. You can enter notes about this trip.


15. You can display ICONS here. More on this later.

16. NEW! VIDEO PLAYBACK. IN THE PRO VERSION ONLY. This feature must be turned on in the ABOUT page. Then click here to load up to 5 videos. Videos are referenced from your hard drive and will play back in this database's video container.



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