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Click on the tab labeled "FIREARM AMMO" to allocate rounds to a firearm.


NOTE: TO PROPERLY USE THIS "FIREARM AMMO" TAB, RECORD YOUR AMMO IN "THE AMMO DUMP" FIRST. Also note, that even if you allocate all the rounds from an AMMO ID to a firearm, KEEP THE EMPTY BOX somewhere until all rounds have been expended.


01. From the pull-down menu select the AMMO ID that will have rounds removed for that box and put with this firearm. You can also type in an AMMO ID number for faster entry (the database will help you select). You can record up to 8 different AMMO ID boxes in this section.


02. The database program automatically enters the information from that AMMO ID box - including the rounds remaining in the box.


03. Enter the number of rounds from that AMMO ID that you are putting with this firearm. You will see the "RDS. LEFT IN AMMO ID BOX" decrease as you enter a figure. The "RDS. LEFT IN AMMO ID BOX" will be reflected everywhere - including other firearms that share the same AMMO ID and also in THE AMMO DUMP where all of your ammo is recorded.


04. This date is automatically entered after you enter "ROUNDS W/GUN".


05. You can clear the entire entry if desired, and all records will be updated - returning the ammo back to the ammo records.


06. You can enter any notes or remarks here.


07. Clicking on the "F" will find all firearms that share rounds from that AMMO ID number.


08. Clicking on the "<ID" will take you to that AMMO ID number in THE AMMO DUMP.


09. You can use the pull-down menu at "FIND AMMO ID" to locate any firearm that has the selected AMMO ID number.


10. Clicking on "FIND ALL" will find any and all firearms that have ammo sitting with it.


NOTE: Most of the above features will only function automatically if you use the AMMO ID feature in THE AMMO DUMP. However, if you don't wish to use the AMMO ID feature, you can still enter information here manually - just don't enter an AMMO ID number. Remember, when entering information this way, there is no automatic updating.


ALSO NOTE: If you're going to the range and want to shoot some or all the rounds that are already with the firearm, then FIRST RETURN those rounds to the AMMO ID by clicking on ROUNDS W/ GUN and changing the figure - even if there's no box left (remember to save those empty boxes until all rounds are expended). Even if there's no box, you'll still know what rounds from where you are bringing. DO THIS BEFORE YOU SHOOT. This has been proven to be the most effective way of tracking your ammo and keeping accurate records.

Firearms Ammo Tab
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