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FIREARM RECORDS is the logical starting point of this database. Click on the tab labeled "SALE" for firearms sold or to be sold.


01. Use the pull-down menu and select "SOLD".


02. Fill in all the basic information. Actually, the more information the better. Many states have laws requiring you keep such records for a number of years.


03. Some states require you to contact the state police or other authority with the buyer's firearm ID number (if required) and get an authorization. By default, this database is set up for Illinois. Clicking on the "ILL. FOID CHECK" will go to the Illinois State Police web site where you can perform this check quickly and easily. You can change this default by clicking on "NEW" and enter whatever web site will suit your needs in selling a firearm. Remember, many states require such an authorization and require that records be kept for several years.


04. This is an automatic calulation based on your original purchase price and the price you which you sold the firearm.


05. Enter whatever notes you desire.


06. You can insert an IMAGE or  PDF related to the selling of this firearm. NOTE: On some systems a PDF can be unreliable and we do not recommend using them.


Firearms Sales
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