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FIREARM RECORDS is the logical starting point of this database. This LEFT SIDE of the screen is all the basic information for the firearm. The center section and the right section is additional information to be entered as needed and if desired.



01. Enter a new nickname for this firearm. It must be unique. Also, there are certain characters not allowed because they would affect the searching abilities of the database. Clicking on the '?' will display these characters. If you inadvertently included a disallowed character it will be replaced with an 'X'.


02. Fill in as much information as you can or as much as you desire.


03. When you enter the 'ACQUIRED FROM' field you will have a pull-down list that gives you selected names from your CONTACTS. Selecting one will fill in as much additional information as possible. Hitting backspace will clear the pull-down menu selection and you can enter a new name. TIP: Entering a frequently used dealer in CONTACTS before you enter a lot of firearms records will make entry here much faster. In the CONTACTS screen you can select to exclude a name from the pull-down list.

04. IN THE PRO VERSION ONLY you can select a monetary format. Either USD ($0.00) or leave as entered. This feature is for international users.


05. You can EXCLUDE this firearm from being selected in the RANGE RECORDS. Usually used when a firearm has been sold.

06. Giving a 'FIREARM CATEGORY' such as 'RIFLE', 'TARGET PISTOL', 'ANTIQUE' etc. will allow for stronger search abilities. Once you enter a new category a selectable list will be created.

07. Under PRINT AND OTHER OPTIONS you will find several print options for reports and other valuable features.

08. Enter the manufacturer's web site and then click to visit it.


09. When first recording a firearm here chances are it's already been fired. To start, enter the number of rounds you believe have been fired through it. Your best guess will do. In the future, this figure will be automatically increased when using the range records. Still, you can manually add to your total figure by adding new rounds fired in the 'MANUAL ADD' field.

10. There are several [FS] buttons on this screen. It is for FIND or SORT related to that field.


11. 'SHOOTING CHARTS' has it's own help screen. To make the the SHOOTING CHARTS accurate always enter the SIGHT RADIUS in inches.

12. Add this name to your CONTACTS for faster future entry using the feature in #3, or just add the name to keep of a record of it.

13. You can MARK any number of firearms for a visual reference. Clicking again will unmark it.


14. 'DUPLICATE RECORD' will duplicate the basic information about the current firearm except the fields 'FIREARM NICKNAME', 'SERIAL NUMBER, 'PURCHASED FROM' and anything below that field.

15. AUTO-PLAY will display each firearm on screen for a set duration. Similar to a slide show. NOTE: This feature has been removed in PRO V4s.9, LITE V4a.3 and X-LITE V4a.3.

16. Under STATUS you would probably select 'CURRENTLY OWN'. If the status changes, such as 'SOLD', 'ON LOAN' etc., you would change it accordingly.

17. Clicking on the 'S' will give you a summary view of your firearms. Clicking on it again will give you a smaller list view.

18. NEW! VIDEO PLAYBACK. IN THE PRO VERSION ONLY. This feature must be turned on in the ABOUT page. Then click here to load up to 5 videos. Videos are referenced from your hard drive and will play back in this database's video container.


Firearms Left Side
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