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Quick Start Unzip Folder


Quick Start Main Screen

01. If you are just starting and have no records yet entered, start by clicking on FIREARMS in the main startup screen.


Quick Start Firearms

02. FIREARM RECORDS will be totally blank except for the menu selections. Click on NEW RECORD. FIREARM RECORDS is the logical place to start and begin all your record keeping. REMEMBER- you only need to use the features you want. THE AMMO DUMP, ACCESSORIES, RANGE RECORDS and CONTACTS are all optional.


Quick Start Firearms

03. Populate the fields with as much of the requested information as you wish. This screen is not complicated, just complete. Some information is automatically entered as you shoot at the range.

04. If possible, upload a photo of the firearm, either from your own camera or use an image from the web.


Quick Start The Ammo Dump

05. Go to THE AMMO DUMP and click on NEW RECORD.

Quick Start The Ammo Dump

06. When a new record is created, the database will generate a new AMMO ID number and instruct you to write that number on the ammo box.

07. Fill in as much information as you can about that box of ammo.

08. Buying a box of removable stickers at an office supply store works well. Notice how the box of ammo is labeled with the AMMO ID number.

09. After these basic steps you can now enter records for ACCESSORIES and CONTACTS. Use the RANGE RECORDS when you go to the range.

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