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FIREARM RECORDS is the logical starting point of this database. The "FIREARM APPRAISAL", "FIREARM INSURANCE", "LIABILITY INSUR 1" and "LIABILITY INSUR 2" tabs are all very similar in content and somewhat self-explanatory.


NOTE: "LIABILITY INSURANCE" applies to ALL firearms, since it is you that is insured - not the firearms. All information entered is universal on all firearms. Also note that there are two liability tabs - "LIABILITY INSUR 1" and "LIABILITY INSUR 2". This is in case both you and your spouse (or other) need separate policies - especially for concealed carry.


01. Answer YES or NO if you have liability insurance. In the "FOR" field, select if it's for you or other family member. Carrying a firearm outside of the home usually requires each person to have separate liability insurance. If for only the home, usually one policy covers all family members living there.


02. Enter all the basic liability information.


03. You can write them an email or visit their website by clicking on the buttons once you enter their information in those fields.


04. Insert a supporting IMAGE or PDF file (PRO VERSION ONLY).


05. Clear all entries in ALL liability insurance records.


06. If there has been an incident involving a firearm you can click on the "INCIDENT REPORT" button and enter information on that screen.




Firearms Liability Tab
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