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In FIREARM SHOOTING CHARTS you can import up to three targets from the RANGE RECORDS of all the SAME GUN to help determine the necessity of shooting corrections. You can also import images directly from your computer. All images on the screen are for one firearm. You can get calculations for front or rear sight adjustments and you can also correct your own shooting methods by studying a shooting correction chart.


01. The upper part of the screen is for any FRONT or REAR sight corrections you want to make. It is important to note that the calculated figures after you enter the basic information is an approximate number. Sight correction is a trial-and-error process and several attempts may have to be made. It is also important to note that when shooting for sight adjustment you should use a proper firearm support to insure proper stabilization.


02. If it's 'pilot error' you suspect click on one of the tabs to display the correct shooting correction chart for RIGHT or LEFT handed shooters.


03. You can also import images directly from your computer, enter a new shooter name and some basic information about the imported target image.


SHOOTING CHARTS is fairly simple to understand and is designed to help make minor sight adjustments and help a shooter correct his or her shooting method.

Shooting Charts
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