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Using SIGHT ADJUSTMENT with this database is a simple process.


01. Use the pull-down menu and select if you are correcting the REAR or FRONT sights.


02. Use the pull-down menu and select if you've been shooting HIGH, LOW, TO THE LEFT or TO THE RIGHT.


03. How far off from the bulls-eye are you? Enter the error in inches. SIGHT RADIUS (the distance between the front and rear sights on the firearm) is entered automatically from your firearm records.


04. How far away was the target? Enter that figure in feet.


05. The necessary correction (in tenths of an inch) is calculated and displayed here.


06. This visual chart shows you the direction the sights should be moved.


07. To make your math easier, there is a chart on the right of the screen that displays the tenths of an inch figure in fractions of an inch. 


REMEMBER. This calculation is an approximate figure. Trial-and-error will be necessary.


Firearm Sight Adjustment
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