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Tally your target scores.


01. Click in 'IMAGE OPTIONS' and select 'SHOW/HIDE RANGE SCORES'. A 'SCORE' button will be displayed. Click on that to show target.


02. You can enter the maximum shots for qualifying on this target. You will be flagged when that figure is met and also flagged if exceeded.


03. Tally your score by either entering the number in the score box or by using the "+" and "-" buttons.


04. Your total score and rounds fired is shown here and at the top. 


05. You can manually enter your own score if you don't want to use the above method. This will override the other figure until erased.

You will see a green box below the targets for the additional score features. Here you can find a range of scores and have them shown either in the RANGE RECORDS screen or view them in HISTORY records. OR you can find scores for different shooters (all scores for that shooter or only with certain firearms). This is displayed in HISTORY records only. From there, you can sort a shooter's scores from high-to-low or low-to high.

Range Records Target Scoring
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