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FIREARM RECORDS INCIDENT REPORT is when you have used one of your firearms in self-defense, accidental shooting or other shooting incident.


01. Answer YES if this firearm was involved in an incident.


02. Fill out all the details about the incident.


03. In the "CIVIL ACTION" tab and/or the "CRIMINAL ACTION" tab fill out as much of the requested information as you can. These are all meant for actions taken against you.


04. Here's a section for your countersuit.


05. You can tab between "CIVIL ACTION", "CRIMINAL ACTION", "NO LEGAL ACTION" (PRO only) and "ARCHIVES".


06.Enter court notes and court rulings.

07. You can print a report (PRO only).


08. You can add up to four supporting photographs for evidence. Once an image is imported or pasted you can click on it to enlarge (PRO only).


09. You can add additional notes about the incident here that will also be shown on the firearm's records in the "NOTES" field.


This section is a summary of the incident and meant for a fast retrieval of some basic information. Please keep all court documents safe.




Incident Report
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