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FIREARM RECORDS is the logical starting point of this database. The tab sections sit to the right side of the general entries. The first tab (called HOME) is always shown as the default of all the tabs when entering the FIREARM RECORDS. To help keep things simplier, remember that the far left side is where you record all the necessary information, and the ride side of the screen is mostly icing on the cake.


01. If some information or stats for your firearm are not part of the input fields offered on the FIREARM RECORDS screen, in this tab you can create up to four "CUSTOM INPUT FIELDS" of your own choosing - such as "TRIGGER PULL" or "TYPE OF GRIPS". Once you create a CUSTOM INPUT FIELD it becomes universal on all firearm records. The field next to it is where you enter your information or specs, and that is unique for each firearm.


02. Once you create a CUSTOM INPUT FIELD you should lock it to prevent accidential changes. Click these boxes to change between lock (L) and unlock (U).


03. Clicking the red box will change between 'SHOWING NOTES' and 'SHOWING RANGE RECORDS'. 'NOTES' are always a manual entry. 'RANGE RECORDS' is usually an automatic entry when properly using the RANGE RECORDS. However, manual entry is possible.


04. You can 'SCHEDULE MAINTENANCE' for this firearm. Select a date and you will get a silent alert when that date comes. You can also enter notes.


05. Other tabs for other sections - such as appraisals and insurance.


06. 'AUTO-PLAY' is a slideshow for your FIREARM RECORDS which displays each record for a set duration between 1 and 5 seconds. It will stop at the end automatically or you can manually stop it at any time.




Firearm Records Basic
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