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Target/Image History

PRO VERSION ONLY. TARGET/IMAGE HISTORY is a very powerful, easy to use and easy to understand visual reference of any targets or images from any date, range of date, any firearm and any shooter. Once your database has grown with information you'll find yourself studying this screen and and contents on a regular basis.


TARGET/IMAGE HISTORY is accessed mostly from the RANGE RECORDS, but is also available from several other screens.


01. If you are in VIEW AS FORM simply use your mouse wheel to view all the images - one at a time shown center screen. If you don't have a mouse wheel, then you can click on the buttons of NEXT RECORD, PREVIOUS RECORD etc.


02. Click on VIEW AS FORM or VIEW AS LIST. VIEW AS FORM shows only one record at a time and great when used with a mouse wheel. VIEW AS LIST shows different records by scrolling up or down.


03. This area shows all the five images of a shooting date. AN "X" is shown above the icon image that is currently being displayed full size.


04. This area shows all the basic information from the large image currently displayed.


05. Click on HISTORY to the right of the shooter's name to change the current mode of the HISTORY displayed. Perhaps your current HISTORY mode is to display all targets and images using the S&W Shield. You can change that mode here and see the HISTORY of a certain shooter.


06. You can click on the large firearm image or the 'HISTORY' button to see the HISTORY or FIREARM RECORDS of any firearm shown.


07. You can select a different firearm or shooter to see the HISTORY of a new selection.


08. You can click on any of the thumbnail firearm images to the the HISTORY of that firearm.


09. You can MARK images in the current full view and create a new set to display.


10. 'AUTO-PLAY' will create a slideshow of your HISTORY images. You can set a duration between 1 and 5 seconds for each image to be displayed.


11. You can click on 'RETURN TO LAST SCREEN' to be brought back to the screen you were previously at.

12. REPORT will take you to a summary screen that can be printed.

13. If displaying scores are relevant here, then select "YES".

14. If scores are relevant, then they will be displayed here along with several options for sorting them.

15. If an image for the shooter was selected in CONTACTS then it will be displayed here. Clicking on this image will enlarge it and give you the option of going to his or her records in CONTACTS.

You also have other options displayed on this screen such as COMPARE target images or go to SHOOTING CHARTS.




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